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Car Transport Service in India have provided the best in interstate car carrier services throughout India for over 20 years. With our team of passionate experts, reliable methods and equipment, you can trust us to get your car where it needs to be safely and quickly.

Wherever you are in India, and wherever you need your car to be, ideal Car Transport can help you get it there. Our car transportation specialists move vehicles throughout the country – depot to depot and door to door. With competitive prices and decades of experience, trust us for all of your car carrying needs.

Car Transport Service in India

Car Transport Service in India

Interstate Car Transport Service in India is ideal Car Transport’s specialty! We are trusted by the best to manage vehicle logistics from the India shores to your door! We have a car transport network that delivers India -Wide, with All locations, you have flexibility and choice. Book direct with ideal Car Transport in India today

Car Transportation Service in India is India,s premier automotive logistics service company. We have a proud history specialising in vehicle transportation, vehicle processing, fleet services & dealer services. We take the time to deliver superior results with every service.


Whether it’s due to a career shift, family relocation or simply the appeal of a new environment, moving a car interstate can certainly be a confusing process.

One of the many tasks involved is the safe and efficient transport of your vehicle, especially when moving between states. For those unfamiliar with the process, moving a car interstate can seem daunting.

Fear not; with proper knowledge and preparation, you can ensure a hassle-free experience.

Understand the Types of Transport Services

Open Carrier:

Enclosed Carrier:

Choose the Right Car Transport Service in India

Research: Start by reading online reviews, checking ratings, and seeking recommendations. Look for companies with a track record of reliability and good customer service.

Quotes: Obtain quotes from multiple companies to ensure competitive pricing. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best.

Insurance: Ensure the company has adequate insurance coverage to protect your vehicle in case of damage during transit.

Prepare Your Car for Transportation in India

Clean Your Car: A clean vehicle makes it easier to identify any pre-existing damage and aids in the inspection process.

Document Existing Damage: Take clear photographs of your car from multiple angles to have a record of its pre-transport condition.

Secure or Remove Personal Items: It’s best to remove or securely fasten any loose items.

Maintenance Check: Ensure your car is in good operational condition, with no leaks. If there’s a known issue, inform the transport company ahead of time.

What is the Cost of Transporting a Car Transport Service in India

Several factors influence the cost of moving a car interstate, including:

Distance: The farther the journey, the higher the cost.

Vehicle Size: Larger vehicles typically cost more to transport.

Transport Type: Enclosed transport is pricier than open transport.

Delivery Preference: Door-to-door transport often comes with a higher price tag than terminal-to-terminal.

Embarking on the journey of moving a car interstate can initially appear daunting, especially for those navigating this path for the first time.

Depending Factors of Car Transport Cost in India

  • Distance: Longer distance comes with a greater overall charge but a lesser charge per kilometer. We at Car Transport Service in India provide exclusive car transport cost in India depending on the overall distance. The place of transport plays a key role here. If your destination is a popular city then quotations are lesser compared to delivery in remote areas.
  • Car type: Your car model determines the overall Charges again for car transportation. If you have an SUV then it will eventually cost you more than a hatchback. However, it is just not the car type but also the particular car model that determines the cost. Basically more the area required and weight of the car, greater is the cost.
  • Transportation type: Open car transport will bring down the cost of transportation considerably than Enclosed car transport in Kolkata. We at Car Transport Service in India provide facilities for both type of transport. However, we suggest going that extra bit as enclosed transport will help maintain the overall car protection against natural calamities and otherwise.
  • Vehicle condition: Just like the case of insurance, a better condition will fetch you better values. If your car is running condition transporters will charge you less as handling of the car is easier compared to cases where the car needs to be pulled up with cranes etc.

These were the major points which determine the car transportation costs. However certain other factors like seasonality, duration of transport, etc plays a minor role in the overall cost determination.

Use Car Transport Service in India’ car transport cost calculator to know your transportation cost and ship your car for the lowest charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Car Transportation Service in India

1. How Much Does it Charge Car Transport Service in India?
Engine/Power/Car TypeUp to 350 Km350 – 700 Km700 – 1400 Km1400 – 2500 Km
Small Car6,500–10,0008,000-14,00012,000-17,50016,000-19,000
Mini car7,500-11,5009,500-15,00011,900-18,80018,400-23,000
Xuv Car9,000-14,50010,500-16,00012,000-23,90024,700-28,500
Large Car10,000-15,50011,400-18,30015,500-27,20025,000-36,000
Jeep Transport13,200-18,80014,500-26,00022,300-37,80028,800-41,500
Sports Car19,500-27,00026,000-39,00028,000-46,00032,000-48,000
Cruiser Sports Car23,000-28,50027,000-43,50031,000-48,50038,000-57,500
Off Road Sports Car28,000-34,00031,500-47,50035,000-54,50057,000-69,500
2. How Do You Transport a Car Transport Service in India?

Well, there are different ways to transport cars. The most realistic and dependable way is by road, though, ensuring you get doorstep delivery of your vehicle. India is vast, and railways and other means of transport may not cover the door to door delivery. Also, road transport ensures you don’t move an inch from home. It is, in reality, a door to door delivery model of car transport. Talk to your relatives and friends about the same and ask them if they have ever availed of these services and they would be more than happy to help you because you can’t go wrong with it.

3. How Long Does it Go For Transport a Car Transport Service in India?

It all depends on the situation and destination of the vehicle. on the average vehicle transports take 1-2 weeks. Pickup times are often anywhere from 1-3 days and a further 5-8 days for delivery.

4. Can I Track My Vehicle for Status Update?

Yes – you’ll contact us via phone or email to request a vehicle status. Just provide us together with your order number or vehicle type and pickup/delivery locations.

5. Do Car Movers Include Insurance in Their Estimates?

Insurance in their estimates are optional, if the owner wants to have an insurance then cost is included otherwise insurance is not included in the estimates.

6. What is the Best Way to Transport a Car?

The following are different types of modes to transport cars.

1 Car Carrier Transport Services (a). Open-Air Truck. (b). Enclosed Truck.

2. Professional Driver Service

3. Non-Professional Driver

4. Cargo Container

5. out of all the above mentioned car transportation methods the best way to transport a car is by using Car Carrier Services.

7. How Do You Transport a Car from One State to Another?

You can transport a car from one state to another by availing the services of car transport companies who will ensure that you get your vehicle delivered to you in pristine and you won’t have to go through the trouble of getting worried about the risk involved in long distance ride. Car Transport companies such as Car Transport. provides best services at a fair price.

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